(in order of appearance)
Terrel Carey as Old Richard/the darkness

Terrel is a photographer and professional retoucher. He studied Music Performance at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL.

Terrel is husband and father and loves lifestyle photography and beauty. His professional portfolio can be found at


Reva Devi as Alyssa

Reva is a Guyanese Bahamian novelist and editor. She studied Sociology, Public Administration and Bahamian and Caribbean Literature at The College of The Bahamas.

Throughout her life, she’s dabbled in poetry, screenwriting, visual arts, theater and journalism. Her latest work is currently available on Amazon.

Tory Gilbert as Young Richard

Tory is a professional System Administrator and IT Consultant. He studied computer network technology at DeVry University.

Tory is a father of one and a devoted husband. Tory Gilbert makes his debut on the performing arts scene in this piece. Tory has had a deep crush with the arts for sometime but has never made the leap until now.  He particularly enjoys Cinema and Music.