Part Six: The End

“Why must you torment me so? Why won’t you let me be?”
“Why do you force me to watch things that I rather not see?”
It replied, “Because that is the purpose for which you made me”
“To torture you with the truth in the hopes of setting you free.”

“Look at around you and come to the obvious deduction,”
“That this place of misery is of all your own construction!”
“Instead of chasing love you became your own obstruction.”
“Not even you could escape your dark heart’s destruction!”

“You could escape this place!”, the darkness began to yell,
“But instead you choose to suffer! And you choose to dwell,”
“In this place of Endless Night you made to be your own hell!”
“You hold yourself prisoner! Your own mind has been your cell!”

“I deserve this.” His true self said, staring at the starless sky.
“I was damned to live in darkness when I told the light goodbye.”
“I made you and this place for suffering. You want to know why?
“Because this place is death to me and I believe I deserve to die.

So he resumed the unending suffering that hurt him to the core,
He would never allow himself to feel joy again, this, he solemnly swore,
He would continue, for all of eternity, to wage his self loathing war.
And Then Old Richard had enough, and then Old Richard was no more…