Part Four: The Sun

Old Richard wandered that place of memory with the darkness at his side.
They strolled by echoes of familiar places where love had sparked and died.
The darkness was a force of truth, the only law of reality he could not fight.
And it said, “If you want to dispel the dark, why don’t you call forth the light?”

Her light erupted from his broken spirit, her figure sprang out from his soul,
And he gazed upon his lost love, the woman who had once made him whole.
In an instant she transformed everything with her blazing light filling the place.
He watched her with horror and joy. He missed her but it hurt to see her face.

“Hey baby!”, she called to him, as her face lit up with her most radiant smile.
Her bright eyes danced at him and her curly hair was fixed in an elegant style.
Her voice held a hint of laughter as if it a joke would be the next thing she’d say.
In two words she said that he was missed and that everything would be okay.

She wore a white dress. It was the most beautiful he’d ever seen a woman wear,
Then she told her joke that wasn’t funny, but they still laughed without a care.
He kissed her. She kissed him back. Richard’s heart and mind began to race.
He held her and he burned for her because he had the Sun in his embrace.

“Alyssa, can you ever forgive me? For ruining everything with my foolish pride?”
“I would spend every second loving you, if you would let me stay at your side!”
She smiled. And forgave him. And at last! He was free from centuries of pain!
But Old Richard had crossed into fantasy. And the darkness descended again.