Part Five: Losing Light

Bleeding love, drinking sorrow, losing her light,
Feeding despair, wasting hope, losing the fight,
Missing her warmth, missing the fire in her kiss,
Old Richard began to free-fall through the abyss.

He strolled downtown for lunch on a fateful day.
He ran into a beautiful woman passing his way.
He asked for her number on that fine afternoon.
She gave it to him and he promised to call soon.

A few months later they were both lost in their love.
It was fiery and passionate and sweet to think of.
Without his touch she could not imagine her life.
And he knew she was the one he’d make his wife.

Would be a perfect story if not for his dark heart,
That was plotting and scheming to tear them apart.
He became cold and distant and kept her at bay.
He said he didn’t want her and he pushed her away.

She left and the man seemed happy at first glance,
Until he repented and begged her for another chance.
She came back to him gladly but this was all in vain,
For Richard’s black heart spurned her once again.

In misery, the man asked himself why he did that to her,
Why didn’t he accept love to enjoy what they were?
Because he was a fool who didn’t do what was right,
Old Richard came to live in the place of Endless Night.